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Article #1
Promoting Good Mallet Technique from Day One: Five Points to Remember
Get your percussionists thinking about good mallet technique from day one!

Article #2
Developing Snare Drum Technique: Practising and Testing Single and Double Strokes
WATCH the video lesson Practising Single and Double Strokes .
DOWNLOAD the exercise sheets, test and marking scheme . . . then get your drummers practising more and better!

Article #3
Building jazz improvisation skills: major scale patterns for the high school jazz band
Use major scale patterns, transposed for all instruments, to kick-start your students' improvising (Includes FREE DOWNLOADS for your entire class!)

Article #4
Technique Builders for the Beginning Snare Drummer
Keep your snare drummers involved when playing through the method book. Fifteen patterns that will help build good snare technique from day one!

Article #5
A Relaxed Approach to Drum Technique
WATCH the video lesson:
A Relaxed Approach to Playing Snare Drum
and guide your students to a relaxed, tension free drum stroke - and a more controlled technique

Article #6
Sight Reading on Mallet Instruments
Follow a few simple guidelines for greater sight reading accuracy

Article #7
An Introduction to Timpani Performance
Find out how to get your percussionists thinking like timpanists, then
DOWNLOAD Beginning Timpani Exercises to get them started

Article #8
Making Sound Choices
Go beyond technique - and get your percussion students thinking "sound"

Article #9
Tambourine Techniques: Part l
Follow some simple guidelines - and hear big differences in sound

Article #10
The Snare Drum Grip
A tried and true snare drum grip, this version of matched grip will get your students off to a solid start
WATCH STEWART demonstrate his grip in the video
A Relaxed Approach to Playing Snare Drum

Article #11
Suspended Cymbal Roll

Article #12
Approaching Flams: Exercises and FLAMable snare duet
Using FLAMable for managing your classroom; evaluating flam performance
DOWNLOAD: Approaching Flams: Exercises and FLAMable snare duet

Article #13
Overview: Interpreting Drum Set charts
DOWNLOAD: Jazz Independence Exercises

Article #14
The Swinging Drummer

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