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Article #1
Developing Snare Drum Technique: Practising and Testing Single and Double Strokes
WATCH the video lesson Practising Single and Double Strokes .
DOWNLOAD the exercise sheets, test and marking scheme . . . then get your drummers practising more and better!

Article #2
Deep thoughts on . . . the triangle clip
A properly strung triangle clip may prevent a performance disaster

Article #3
Percussion Instruments and Accessories: getting your instruments ready for the school year
Making sure you've got what you need ... and that what you've got works

Article #4
Challenging the Beginning Percussionist
Be creative - and engage those percussionists in your band class

Article #5
A Guideline to First Duet for Four Tom Toms
Use First Duet for Four Tom Toms to help manage your classroom time
DOWNLOAD: First Duet for Four Tom Toms

Article #6
Starting Off on the Right Foot: How to Select a Percussionist

Article #7
Covering the Parts: Designating a Principal Percussionist

Article #8
Approaching Flams: Exercises and FLAMable snare duet
Using FLAMable for managing your classroom; evaluating flam performance
DOWNLOAD: Approaching Flams: Exercises and FLAMable snare duet

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